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conslashgirls's Journal

Continuum Three Slashgirls (and boy)
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We're a group who met at the Continuum 3: Creatures Natural and Unnatural convention over the weekend of July 15-17 2005 and bonded over slash. We're here to discuss our love for slash and to share our slash and the slash we have read that we wish to recommend. We share a number of common interests, so if you share these interests and wish to join, please do! If the only interest you share with us is slash, there are other places that you may find more fun than us!

Moderated by pixie_pan, but only because I got here first...


Don't be nasty. Civilised debate is welcome. Flame wars are not.

Large posts should be squished into lj-cuts.

Any spoilers in any fandom should be squished into lj-cuts.

I suck at making up rules. Those will do for now. Any ideas, let me know. Also, tell me more of our interests! ^_^