Not Your Token Brown Friend (fire_fly) wrote in conslashgirls,
Not Your Token Brown Friend

Legal Issues for Fanfic writers

Hi everyone,

At last year's con, I remember one of the panelists talked about the legal implications of new anti-pedophilia legislation for fanfiction writers and fans, specifically that new anti-pedophilia legislation outlawed the possession of any sexually explicit material involving minors (anyone under 16 years of age), including fiction. Does anyone know any more about this legislation and its implications? Has anyone written about how it applies to the fanfic community?

Any info would be much appreciated.
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Hmmm, there was that big beat up and then a whole lot of nothing. I'll see if I can track anything down ^^
Ah hah!

After much research i found a Fan Fic site that was affected by the whole thing and they have some LJ posts from the time of the "great kerfuffle"

And here's Copperbadges' view becuase writing really really well makes everything you say more vaild ^_^o

This is all that i could find but i hope it helps ^_^

Wow, that does seem messy. But thank you for the research! I'm glad to know someone still reads this comm. ^_^