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NEW COOKIE: Three’s Company - NC17

TITLE: Three’s Company

AUTHOR: percivale


SPOILERS: Yes, All Books.

CONTENT: Fred/George/Tonks, Twincest, Bi-Slash, Drug Use, Angst, AU

SUMMARY: Fred and George and Tonks take an illicit potion and…well, fun ensues.

DISCLAIMER: The Harry Potter series and all the characters associated with it are the property solely of J. K. Rowling, her agents and publishers. No infringement of any rights is intended from the creation of this story. Nor is any money being made from it.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This cookie is a prequel to Lover's Moon and takes place after the cannon books, but several years before Harry’s return from his self-imposed exile. This is a WiP (Work in Progress!). I am looking for Beta reviewers, and any comments at all would be welcomed. If you like what you read and want more, join my yahoo group at or visit my journal at

LAST UPDATE: 05/08/2006


Three’s Company
by percivale

Nocturne Alley was a place in which, generally speaking, no respectable wizard wanted to be seen. But then, Fred and George Weasley weren't exactly what one would call "respectable wizards." In fact, they would be very likely to take offence if anyone ever dared to suggest such a thing.

The rest of this cookie can be found here…
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