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Legal Issues for Fanfic writers [04 Oct 2006|08:55pm]

Hi everyone,

At last year's con, I remember one of the panelists talked about the legal implications of new anti-pedophilia legislation for fanfiction writers and fans, specifically that new anti-pedophilia legislation outlawed the possession of any sexually explicit material involving minors (anyone under 16 years of age), including fiction. Does anyone know any more about this legislation and its implications? Has anyone written about how it applies to the fanfic community?

Any info would be much appreciated.
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[15 Sep 2006|03:59pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Err Hello eveyone!

I was searing for Robin Hobb comms, stumbled upon this comm and remembered the panel at Continuum. ^^
I was the 16 year old girl with the Gaara plushie who also kinda ended up helping with the Anime panel. ^^o
My interests are most anime, the amazing sprawl that is the Harry Potter fandom as a whole and epic fan fiction.

Errr yeah...

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NEW COOKIE: Three’s Company - NC17 [08 May 2006|06:39pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

TITLE: Three’s Company

AUTHOR: percivale


SPOILERS: Yes, All Books.

CONTENT: Fred/George/Tonks, Twincest, Bi-Slash, Drug Use, Angst, AU

SUMMARY: Fred and George and Tonks take an illicit potion and…well, fun ensues.

DISCLAIMER: The Harry Potter series and all the characters associated with it are the property solely of J. K. Rowling, her agents and publishers. No infringement of any rights is intended from the creation of this story. Nor is any money being made from it.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This cookie is a prequel to Lover's Moon and takes place after the cannon books, but several years before Harry’s return from his self-imposed exile. This is a WiP (Work in Progress!). I am looking for Beta reviewers, and any comments at all would be welcomed. If you like what you read and want more, join my yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/percivaleshpslash/ or visit my journal at http://percishpslash.livejournal.com/.

LAST UPDATE: 05/08/2006


Three’s Company
by percivale

Nocturne Alley was a place in which, generally speaking, no respectable wizard wanted to be seen. But then, Fred and George Weasley weren't exactly what one would call "respectable wizards." In fact, they would be very likely to take offence if anyone ever dared to suggest such a thing.

The rest of this cookie can be found here…

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[23 Sep 2005|11:22pm]

Came across this community while wandering LJ:

Some of you ladies (and gentleman!) might be interested in this community, given the lively interest in discussing the social and political implications of slash fanfiction.
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Oops! [21 Jul 2005|01:56pm]

I just realised that I haven't introduced myself yet...

I'm pixie_pan and I am your mod. Go me.

I was sitting in the front row on the aisle in the slash panel. I have pixie hair. It is short and red and usually spikey. I went as Delirium to the Maskobalo.

I'm a bit of a fandom whore. I'll read just about anything, so long as the quality is high. Some of my fandoms include: Harry Potter, Due South*, The Sentinel*, Pirates of the Caribbean (Sparrow/Norrington = OTP!), Ocean's 11, Buffy, Angel, Fast and the Furious (I blame schiannth for this...and most of my other fandoms, come to think of it...) and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. And that's off the top of my head.

(*I have not actually seen these shows, but love them anyway and am most eager to see them one day...)

So, yeah. That's me!
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[21 Jul 2005|12:05pm]

Hi slashy people.

My name's Liz, and let me be the first to say Half-Blood Prince is the slashiest HP book ever. I'm sorry, but there's are entire chapters where Harry/Dumbledore is practically canon! And.... well.... I don't want to spoiler people about the SLASH PAIRING THE BOOK REVOLVES AROUND.


I'm sorry. I'm very excited about it.

Anyway... I was sitting in the front row, next to pixie_pan.

Also, I work as an Accounts Clerk in a law firm. Who woulda thunk it?
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[21 Jul 2005|08:04am]

Hello all!

I thought I'd just introduce myself, and as a way of making sure you have no respect for me whatsoever, posting a link to the worst fic I ever wrote, ever.

Co-written with my flatmate, maudlinrose. It's bad on purpose. Harry Potter, H/D/F/G, NC-17 and really really bad. But I think it's funny, when I'm not sporking out my eyes.

Anyway, I was the girl in the front row at the left in the audience of the slash panel. Well, one of the girls - I was there with my girlfriend laputain, and her flatmate darthsappho.

My first fandom was Xena (points to icon), followed by Star Trek, The Sentinel, Star Gate, Harry Potter, Due South...actually, everything except Highlander, which I never saw enough of to feel confident diving into the fic.

I live in New Zealand, and am working on a BA in Classics and English Language.

Pleased to meet you all!
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*coughs* Ahem. Welcome. [21 Jul 2005|12:01am]

[ mood | chipper ]

So, I decided that it's probably about time I made a 'Welcome!' post. So...Welcome!

I hope you all had as brilliant a weekend at Continuum as I did - I'm sure you did - and that you met as many fantabulous people as I did.

We're all here for one reason. Slash is good. We like slash.

Feel free to post meta, fic, recs, etc. I'm not going to be very strict about what you post - within reason - so lets see some posts as soon as possible!

Please reply to this post with what fandoms we all love. I'll make a post with a list of fandoms to make reccing easier.

So, have at it girls! (And boy...)

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